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Kristofer Åström and the Rainaways – live at Liseberg, Göteborg today. See my review here (In Swedish)


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I saw a concert yesterday with two great Swedish singers playing with the band Augustifamiljen. I wrote positive review of it in Swedish for Epoch Times. You can find it here

Some shots:

Magnus Carlson, singer in the Swedish band Weeping Willows

Pauline singing with Augustifamiljen

Pauline and Magnus Carlson

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Holly Williams, singer and songwriter from Nashville, USA, visited Goteborg, Sweden on her European Tour on Saturday evening. She’s starting to become a bit famous also outside of US and has released two albums: ”The Ones We Never Knew” (2004) and “Here With Me” (2009). She told the audience during the concert that they unfortunately brought too few CDs with them to Europe, so they all sold out earlier during the tour!

By her side on the tour and on stage occasionally is her husband Chris Coleman who plays acoustic guitar, harmonica and sings harmony vocals. They seem to make a harmonious couple and the love sparkles between them in the duet ”A love I think will last”.

Holly Williams grandfather was THE famous country legend Hank Williams, and it seems like her song writing skills are somehow inherited. The songs are simple and straightforward – the way it should be in this country rock genre. And I don’t miss the band on stage because the couple have so sweet and warm personalities, and it makes it more like a familiar jam than a concert. Besides, it’s easier to focus on her lyrics when it’s only her and her instrument.

Holly has always something to say about her songs, and she speaks very openly about what inspired her to write them. She tells us for instance about a car accident that made her sister more or less handicapped. She sings about that trauma in the song ”Without Jesus Here With Me”. She was in the car and she tells us that it was a miracle that they survived.

After one hour of songs from her two albums and a Bob Dylan cover, she and Chris are leaving the stage, but comes back for a last song: ”I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” by her grandfather Hank Williams. Very touching.

Anders Eriksson is a singer and songwriter from Sweden and writes music reviews for Epoch Times and on his blog MusicForFreedom.net.

Holly Williams sings with a strong and sensitive voice, and on some occasions, switching from acoustic guitar to piano.

The husband Chris Coleman complements on vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar and harmonica.

Photos: Anders Eriksson

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I will start write music reviews on this blog and also for the newspaper Epoch Times. So today I will open a new category for that here. Enjoy!

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