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To do list

I always have a full to do list. I wonder how much of this situation has anything to do with internet. I mean there is so much interesting to read and do on the internet. I am always eager to learn new things to promote my music online.

Unfortunately I sometimes forget about playing and practicing on my instruments. I mean real good musicians don’t have time to sit by the computer. My greatest hero in rock music is Ry Cooder. He is one of very, very few artists that doesn’t have an official website. Says it all, right?


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I have always been fascinated by learning new things. Maybe because I like to always have a change in my life, even in small things. So I read books. Not novels and stuff like that. But books that inspires you to be more creative in different areas. Of course I read a lot about music marketing. The problem is often that I just read it through and then I don’t take action. Anyway I am trying to improve that.

Besides, now when we have internet and all other new technology, there are so many possiblities to learn new stuff. You can listen to podcasts, audiobooks, watch tutorial videos etc. And since time is limited I often do several things simultanously.

After have been taking singing lessons during the autumn I think next step is to improve my guitar playing. I have a very nice Fender Stratocaster that lately has only been a nice decoration in my appartment. But I assume it’s longing for me to play it. And I will.

I’ll try for the first time in my life make a schedule of all the things I want to do. I think that will help me get more diligent. So let’s get started… Bye for now;)

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