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Me and Jenny (who plays flute on my CD “Music For Freedom”) played five songs at the Amnesty event “Röster från Kina” (Voices from China). We played Getting Closer, Mission of Peace, Walking On Holy Ground, You Received Me and The Chinese Way.

Here is a clip that one of my friends in the audience shot with her iPhone 3.

Poems were read by Chinese oppressed authors, attention to the case of Shi Tao, speech by Lilly Wang about crimes against human rights in China, songs by Rut Blomqvist.

A successful event with some 100 people in the Café, many signing petition postcards for Shi Tao.


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Me and Jan Jonssons right hand, Henriksberg. Photo: Khosro Zabihi

Me and Jan Jonsson played together for the first time yesterday at a pub in Gothenburg called Henriksberg. The arranger is a singer/songwriter called Eddie Wheeler.

Every Thursday he invites singer/songwriters to his Eddie Wheelers Late Night Club. This was actually my first gig on a pub. It felt good and very relaxed. I think the audience was there to have good time, drinking a beer or two, play some pool and chat – and of course, listen to the music.

Overall it was a good experience, and the pedal steel guitar played by Jan worked really well. We will do more gigs like this!

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Maybe I should have been singing “Who’ll stop the rain?”. This is on a rainy Queens Square (Drottningtorget) during the Cultural Festival in Goteborg (Kulturkalaset). I sang a few songs from the new CD.


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Pictures from the gig on Stalpets Café in Aneby, featuring Anders Eriksson (vocals, guitar, piano), Jonas Brunsten (piano), Jenny Brandt (bass) and Ilias Kotsamboikidis (percussion).

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Me and artists such as Margot MacDonald, Light Club, Courtney Dowe, Drew Parker, Kate Douglass, Sara and Randall Effner played at the Freedom For Falun Gong Rally in Washington DC July 19 2009. I played two songs from the new CD (singback), Getting Closer (which can be heard in the slidecast below) and On A Mission of Peace.

The goal of collecting one million minutes of meditation succeeded during the concert! Read more here

The slidecast is supposed to change images automatically. If it doesn’t check it out here

Swedish friends watching the concert

Swedish friends watching the concert

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