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I played my songs and used the background music from Music For Freedom at a Tuidang rally in Goteborg, Saturday July 30.

If you don’t know what Tuidang is visit this website:


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Me and Jan Jonssons right hand, Henriksberg. Photo: Khosro Zabihi

Me and Jan Jonsson played together for the first time yesterday at a pub in Gothenburg called Henriksberg. The arranger is a singer/songwriter called Eddie Wheeler.

Every Thursday he invites singer/songwriters to his Eddie Wheelers Late Night Club. This was actually my first gig on a pub. It felt good and very relaxed. I think the audience was there to have good time, drinking a beer or two, play some pool and chat – and of course, listen to the music.

Overall it was a good experience, and the pedal steel guitar played by Jan worked really well. We will do more gigs like this!

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I played the accordion on the songs “They can’t make me waver” and “Walking on holy ground”. We noted that my accordion is tuned aproximately 2 herz below the normal 440 herz. This could be adjusted in the software afterwards;)

Marcus also added some electric guitars and percussion to “One body” and “The Chinese Way”. One of my friends from Yellow Express, Kristian, dropped by to check how things are going. Maybe he will be adding a nylon acoustic guitar on “Getting closer”. He liked what he heard so far;)

What’s left to do is lead vocals on a few tunes, backing vocals on two songs, and one flute and some guitar and piano takes. We will do this in the end of May and beginning of June.

Above is a video clip from todays and yesterdays session. Enjoy!

Anders Eriksson

Anders Eriksson

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