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I am now a part of a collaboration between artists and the project is called “The Truth Tour”. Read more about it on the Truth Tour website and check for updates because it’s just begun.

“…Musicians from around the world, spanning genres and ages, raise their voices and sing out against the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party regime…”


This blog is now my main website because anderserikssonmusic.net will be taken down. The reason is that the webhost raised their prices very much and besides I think it’s enough to have this blog, some social media sites and the bandcamp page where you can listen and buy my music.

Today the number of Chinese citizens who have quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organisations reached 100 million!

Since november 2004, when the Epoch Times editorial articles Nine Commentaries On The Communist Party were published, this grassroots movement has grown stronger and stronger. It’s giving the Chinese people a hope for a better future.

One of my songs is actually inspired by the Nine Commentaries and it’s called The Chinese Way.

The Nine Commentaries are also available as videos on NTDTV’s YouTube Channel. I recommend anyone to see them!

I played my songs and used the background music from Music For Freedom at a Tuidang rally in Goteborg, Saturday July 30.

If you don’t know what Tuidang is visit this website:

Me and Jenny (who plays flute on my CD “Music For Freedom”) played five songs at the Amnesty event “Röster från Kina” (Voices from China). We played Getting Closer, Mission of Peace, Walking On Holy Ground, You Received Me and The Chinese Way.

Here is a clip that one of my friends in the audience shot with her iPhone 3.

Poems were read by Chinese oppressed authors, attention to the case of Shi Tao, speech by Lilly Wang about crimes against human rights in China, songs by Rut Blomqvist.

A successful event with some 100 people in the Café, many signing petition postcards for Shi Tao.